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“As a private practitioner, I appreciate Growing With Music’s long standing reputation in the community and the number of project assignments available. The opportunities for qualified music therapists are supreme to other early childhood music programs." 
~ Cindi, owner
Heart & Soul, LLC      

Growing With Music Instructors

At Growing With Music, we contract with credentialed music therapists to deliver a high-quality music education and exploration experience. We have relationships with these highly skilled professionals throughout Minnesota. Depending on the needs of the organization or family, we connect the appropriate teacher to work with children in schools, daycares, homes and other community settings.

The Growing With Music teachers create customized lessons that engage children in a relaxed, nurturing environment to develop an understanding of introductory music concepts and gain other life skills.

Unlike many other music programs, Growing With Music works only with board certified or registered music therapists. All have a Bachelor of Music, Music Therapy, Arts or Science degree. Each music teacher is either a Registered Music Therapist with the National Association of Music Therapy or Board Certified by the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

What does it mean to be a music therapist?

Music therapy is used to promote wellness, manage stress, express feelings, assist in learning skills and more. Music therapists are credentialed professionals who use music as a method to accomplish personalized goals for each individual.

The benefits of a music therapist conducting the class is that the instructor can address both musical and nonmusical skills. 

All of our independent instructors are board certified or registered music therapists who apply their clinical training and expertise in early childhood development to their class activities to enhance the overall wellbeing of a child through music.

Are you a board certified or registered music therapist interested in Growing With Music? We would love to hear from you. Contact Us.  


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