Growing With Music and its independent music instructors are committed to providing the highest quality early childhood music classes.

We believe children can be introduced to the joy of music and in the process develop valuable skills. Our primary objective is to encourage and develop children’s natural creativity and interest in music.  

We use musical concepts and movement to help young children engage with one another and gain skills they can use throughout their school years and beyond.

Growing With Music's independent music instructors strive to develop children’s socialization, communication, motor, and academic skills through the use of age appropriate vocalization, movement, and instrumental activities.

Together, all of these skills contribute to a child’s overall wellbeing, self-confidence and awareness.

After more than 35 years of connecting music educators and students, we’ve seen thousands of children who have enjoyed Growing With Music and built the foundation for a life long love and appreciation of music.

Contact us to learn more and see what a difference music can make in a child’s life. 



Growing with Music