Music Classes for Young Children

Growing With Music’s independent instructors teach music classes for infants, toddlers and preschoolers that introduce musical concepts and encourage overall childhood development.

These highly qualified music teachers determine the appropriate frequency, duration and topics for each class, based on the needs of the group. Through song, dance, and play, the instructors provide age-appropriate activities that focus on both musical and non-musical skills.

The general curriculum focuses on a variety of different skill sets.

Skill level varies at each age, and all children benefit from activities and concepts introduced by Growing With Music’s independent instructors:

  • All classes include vocalization (singing), movement, and instrument play activities
  • While skill sets vary based on the age and developmental abilities of the child, the Instructors present acitvites to promote success for everyone
  • Children participate in vocal exercises and pitch matching activities, large, fine and rhythmic coordination motor activities, sign language songs, and play a wide variety of guitar, keyboard, and rhythm and orchestral instruments

Here is a sample lesson plan from the academic skills unit:

Piano and Forte (quiet and loud) are music concepts introduced in our hello song
called "Say Hello." We echo the words to sing along!
We marched, moved and made sounds with my plush friends,
a mouse (Piano) and my monster (Forte).
We listened to loud and quiet music and moved accordingly.
"Old Mac Donald’s Band" introduced us to rhythm instruments -
then we got to play them together, both piano and forte!  

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