Growing with MusicGrowing With Music

GROWING WITH MUSIC offers a developmental music curriculum for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  For the past three decades we have connected schools, daycares and families in Minneapolis-Saint Paul and throughout Minnesota with the highest qualified music teachers in the area.

Each Instructors' customized music teaching methods enrich young children. These highly trained music educators teach kids to sing, move, play, and above all have fun while learning musical concepts and gaining valuable developmental skills.


The general curriculum focuses on a variety of developmental skills including those in the areas of socialization, communication, motor coordination and academics.  Children participate in vocal exercises and pitch matching activities, large, fine and rhythmic coordination motor activities, sign language songs, and play a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboard, and rhythm and orchestral instruments.  

A well-rounded early childhood music class will include vocalization (singing), movement, and instrument play activities.


Growing with Music

Development Music Program